Agrostis launches 'Spectre', optical and multispectral analysis of sports turf by drone

Agrostis are pioneering the use of drone-based multi-spectral technology for natural turf in the UK.
Our new drone carries 6 cameras that capture light from outside of the visible spectrum and which cannot be seen with the human eye.  This multi-spectral imagery provides information on a range of features related to the health of the grass and the general condition of the ground cover.  Those features include the grass chlorophyll content, its water status, species composition and shoot density, all key components of the playing quality and aesthetics of sports turf surfaces.
By stitching together what may be hundreds of images taken at regular intervals, a 'grass health map' of the site may be obtained.  This allows areas of weakness to be identified so that treatments such as irrigation, fertiliser and pesticide applications can selectively be applied only to those places where they are needed.
We believe this technology will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits and we look forward to bringing it to the industry in the growing season of 2022.

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